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Out of the industry cooperation of xintiandi: example of suzhou

发布日期:2015-08-21 查看:28 分享

On March 29, 2014, suzhou industrial park, photoelectric communication industry alliance association held a general election meeting, the meeting was elected the third session of the council, kerner technology (suzhou) co., LTD., general manager of Liu Yanming was elected President of the new council.

Suzhou industrial park, photoelectric communication industry associations in suzhou international science park in 2009, currently has more than 20 unit members, including the solectron technology, nano technology, centec networks, such as east Czech photoelectric suzhou local well-known photoelectric communication research and development and the manufacturer. Association of production, exchange, to strengthen government to promote technical exchanges and cooperation between the member enterprises and promote the rapid development of optical communication industry in suzhou.

In the optical communication industry, the lack of news today, the news editors shine at the moment. The photoelectric communication industry alliance to suzhou, optical fiber has repeatedly reported online before their activities, including optical communication across the Taiwan straits BBS and so on. On the conference, the new President of Liu Yanming describe their goals, said: "the association will continue to hold a higher level of industry and the academic seminar, at the same time, strengthen communication and coordination with other regional society, efforts to attract more business to suzhou, the photoelectric communication to join the association, to make suzhou the early development of the international photoelectric communication the importance of innovation and production base."

Dr Liu Yanming in optical communication industry experience, well informed, as the media industry, we wish to suzhou photoelectric communication industry alliance can under the leadership of Dr. Liu to the next level, at the same time, we also sincerely hope that the industry alliance can come out the role of industry association, no longer content to do some academic seminar, organize some cultural and sports fellowship activities, these activities can give a lot of optical fiber online will undertake.

Trade unions in the present optical communication industry upgrading in China should play a more important role. This two days we have noticed that some examples of industry alliance of North America, our articles mentioned yesterday 100 g 2 km optical module several big MSA in the field of competition. Optical device manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, chip manufacturers according to their respective technical and marketing to join their respective MSA, upstream and downstream manufacturers together in one MSA.

Today we see cisco to fight OpenFow switches to them the potential impact of the market, took some of the small and medium-sized network equipment manufacturers OpFlex standards and alliance. The formation and operation of the alliance, for the impact of the whole industry association is much higher than alone.

To some extent, they are in shaping the future of the market. In the formation and operation of the trade unions, the role of leading the company has the resources advantage is very important. Trade unions, as it were, is an important means of European and American companies to keep industry monopoly. China's trade unions can be based on the experience of the family? We handed the title to Liu Yanming Dr. The alliance of the photovoltaic industry in suzhou, one of the leading companies main business team from the United States, they have rich experience in this field. Now suzhou optical communication industry, the industry chain is not enough complete, cooperate among firms and insufficient.

Suzhou high-tech zone is an example for China's high-tech zone, suzhou optical communication industry alliance can be further, the endeavor led light in China telecommunication industry, the industry consolidation, upstream and downstream cooperation, standards, and so on to make greater achievements.